The Nothing Battles now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, and more!

Updated: 10/6/2016

The Nothing Battles is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, and will soon be available on Tidal, Microsoft Groove, YouTube Music, MediaNet, and more!

Be sure to check it out and if you like the music and/or you want to support an independent artist, throw money at it!


The Nothing Battles new album cover.

Under Construction: Again

Welcome friends, old and new.

Since April, 2007 I have been running a continuous (though often ignored and forgotten) website. It started as where I had a focus on webdesign and development, comics and other drawn art, and music that I was creating. It began as something extremely unprofessional, but I've always tried to gear it towards being as professional as possible with each new iteration. Unfortunately my inexperience and lack of direction for myself and for the site left it more of a quirky hobby than the career-launching hub of entertainment that I originally hoped for.

As I get older and I realize what my true priorities are and what my ultimate direction is in life, I look back on and I can't help but think the website has always been about me. As I move forward into this new iteration I hope to keep myself a part of the site, but shift the focus instead to my work. While I don't draw comics anymore (and haven't for many years), I do continue to work on webdesign and development out of necessity, and I continue to create music, which is one of my primary passions in life.

As undergoes yet another transformation I hope to showcase the music I'm creating and move forward with my talent for webdesign and development.

Regarding my music; I will be opening a store where my music can be bought and downloaded directly from this website, and I will put efforts towards creating new tracks on a regular basis again. I am also exploring the possibility of releasing my music through more popular stores for the general public such as iTunes, Amazon, and others. Thanks to my success with RPG Maker music packs, I believe that I have found a way to share my music in a way that makes me proud of what I create, and inspires me to create the best music I can. In that spirit, I'll be submitting my music to other online marketplaces geared towards game development such as the Unity and CryEngine asset stores, because I truly believe my music was meant to be heard in video games and I want game developers to have access to the music I'm creating so that they can move forward with it and create amazing video game experiences for everyone.

Regarding my webdesign and development; In the past I've used raw HTML and CSS to design my websites. After building websites professionally I've learned how helpful a good CMS and Wordpress can be. I've also learned that running a custom store is not as impossible as it once felt. Most importantly though, after 13 years of working with websites as a hobby and professionally, I am confident that I can use these skills not only for my own purposes, but to help others create the websites that they envision. While it may be a while off, I hope to eventually be able to offer my abilities and expertise in designing and building websites to individuals and small businesses via affordable, timely commissions.

Outside of this website I am also pursuing a long-term career as a Medical Billing & Coding specialist. I am enrolled in an online university and am set to begin taking classes starting in July. Because I see this as a permanent career choice, I wanted to incorporate this aspect of my life into this website in some way, and so the new red and white color scheme of the site and my logo are reflective of my new aspirations in a medical field.

Honestly, I feel like I have barely scratched the surface of what is to come, both for myself and for this website. While the site is in development I will probably abstain from updating the blog regularly, but once the site officially launches I will begin posting regular updates according to a to-be-announced schedule. I hope that anyone interested in my music and work will check back often, as it will hopefully be a much more interesting site to visit as I move forward with this new stage of my life, and the newest iteration of

Thank you all,